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Apologies if we offend anyone, but we're a gang (it's in the name), so what did you expect? Jesus hates gays is a pretty popular idea. Just google it. It will autocomplete and even give you similar suggestions. Whether you believe in God or not, we are pretty screwed if two dudes loving each other is what he is spending his time worrying about. Maybe that's what he did on the seventh day when he was resting?

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Yesterday at work the powers that be decided they had come up with a great new team building event. We are going to have a contest to rename our conference rooms after colleges. It is directly billed as a "team building" event that is going to help us remember and more easily locate our conference rooms. Now this might make sense if we were located in a small building, or there were only a few conference rooms, or they were all near each other, but we work in a large building with multiple floors and wings and conference rooms spread throughout.

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