Black Out Season

Big Wheel Blog: 

Take a look at the picture above. Yup, that’s me after a game of Kings. I know what you’re thinking. That is a really nice ottoman. I know but it’s not even mine.

Blacking out isn’t fun anymore. The first few times it’s funny. You wake up… Find your pants… Ask your friends what happened ...Get a recap… Everyone’s LOLing. Fun right? Yeah, laugh it up. You won’t be laughing after the 3rd time. The 3rd time is when you try to convince yourself to stop drinking... but it never works.

It’s a completely different experience this time. You wake up and realize that it’s the afternoon. You murmur the phrase “No No No No!” The last thing you remember is taking a shot of 1800 tequila. You look down and you have a Rowdy Roddy Piper kilt on instead of your pants. You apologize to your female friends because you vaguely remember molesting someone. Your phone is dead. I don’t know why but people’s phones always die when they blackout. Anyway, you charge your phone and see all the drunken text messages you sent out. 4 out of the 5 chicks ignore your texts but it’s always one that responds. The one that you and your friends had given a nickname like “Wilder Beast”, “Blackbeard”, or Kimbo Slice. She picks up every time.

You find out from your friends that the kilt you have on is actually a table cloth. You started with a reenactment of the Mel Gibson rants but segued into the Braveheart monologue. Why? That person you vaguely remember molesting was Kimbo who responded to your text messages. Yup, she came over. There’s a Facebook album to prove it. You think to yourself..."This isn't fun anymore."