Big Wheel Blog: 

I have never read The Host or any of the Twilight books, but I have seen all of the movies. So, I assumed I should not expect a big screen adaption of a literary masterpiece. Not having read the novel, maybe Andrew Niccol just did a horrible screenplay adaption. The acting is about on par with a Twilight movie, but the script doesn't particularly challenge anyone either.
The film quickly explains to you that the Earth has been invaded with the aliens taking over human bodies as their hosts. Apparently they travel planet to planet assuming hosts and turning the planet into perfection. You apparently can not concern yourself with questions like why don't they just stick with one planet instead of planet hopping. On the bright side, if you are one of the more important aliens, you get to drive around in shiny, reflective silver car. Apparently the car manufacturer of choice of invading aliens is Lotus. I am sure that marketing money is going to pay off when all the teenage girls run out to buy a new Lotus with their allowance.
The trailer appears to bill the movie as an epic love story. Unfortunately the depth of the love story is pretty much covered in the trailer. There is so little development to the relationship of Melanie and Jared, you do not actually care if she makes it back to him. It is such a deep love that when Melanie is kidnapped and turned into Wanda, Jared wants to blow her brains out immediately without a second thought.
After about 5 minutes of the annoying voice over of Melanie after she becomes the host of Wanda, you start to wish that Jared had shot her. You eventually start to hope Wanda will completely takeover the body, so the voice over will just stop. At one point Melanie goes silent in Wanda's head for three weeks. Unfortunately that 3 weeks is only about five minutes in movie time. Eventually Wanda falls in love with Ian and not that much drama ensues. At least this guy has some personality, but you get the feeling if there were at least two other young, good looking females left who were a little sluttier, Melanie/Wanda would be spending a lot of long lonely nights reading a good book. They did make sure the movie ended with an opening for a sequel though, so maybe they were just waiting for The Host II to do character development.
If you are dying to see a Stephenie Meyer movie, just go watch any of the Twilight movies again. If you really want to see a teen drama, go rent pretty much any other teen drama that came out in the last year. It may not be better, but it won't be worse.