Dave T’s Pros and Cons of Stuff Everyone Has: Belly Buttons

Lift up your shirt. If you have on an undershirt, lift that as well. Ladies, if you’re wearing Spanx, push them down to your waist. Gentlemen, if you’re wearing Spanx, stop it. Now look at the middle of your belly about three-quarters of the way down. See that hole? Don’t rush to the ER. That’s your BELLY BUTTON.

Don’t know what it is?

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Yo America this is your real president Chaz!

The other president (or as I like to call him the Fresh Prince) likes to go around bragging he's so 21st century with his web site and his youtube fire side chats. Well the Chaz always says never leave a good decade behind!! Lucky for the Chaz (and America) a brilliant Doctor by the name of Doogie Howser (NPH is not gay) invented the earliest form of blogging in 1989 so he could share his thoughts on why he never closed that window and the best way to get in Wanda's pants (I'd do her).

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Dave T’s Pros and Cons of Stuff Everyone Has: Fingernails

Look at your hand. On the tips of your fingers (the long tubey things) you’ll see kinda shiny, kinda clear, hard things shaped like the face-shields on space suits. Those are FINGERNAILS.

Don’t know what they are?

Fingernails are basically shells that cover the tips of fingers. They’re made up of a protein called keratin (also found in hair, hooves, claws, feathers, beaks, etc.).

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