Big Wheel Blog: 

Sometimes you watch an awards show and you think, what were these people thinking? Well, here's our best shot at an explanation.

"Please help! The bow said if I called the police it would eat my head!" -Emma Stone
"If I keep cutting my hair like a little boy, maybe no one will recognize that I'm that girl from Dawson's Creek." - Michelle Williams
"I don't know what to tell you. I was just sitting on set one day in my trailer and in walks Jennifer Aniston with a wig and a piece of paper with Brad Pitt's number on it. Damn right, I called!" - Jon Voight
"I love vegetable role playing! Since it's the Oscars, I kept it classy and just dressed my boobs as onions" - Melissa McCarthy
"Matt has the best dresses! Sometimes he even lets me wear his underwear!" - Jennifer Lopez