Big Wheel Blog: 

If I have to wait until I'm 80 and living in Florida for it to be socially acceptable to pull my pants up as high as I can, why should we put up with high waisted shorts. I realize you can't see your self from behind, but it looks like you just pooped your shorts or maybe you just stuffed some Depends in there in case you do poop your pants. You're there in the front though. You thought it was natural to have to tuck half your shirt into your shorts?

Maybe you forgot Steve Urkel, or are to young to remember, or only remember him as Stefan Urquelle. Steve didn't get his kiss from Laura until his waist line dropped, so maybe you should take a lesson from your elders. You won't even have to drink a potion or jump into some crazy contraption you built in your basement. Perhaps Urkel just proved that history really is doomed to repeat itself!