Big Wheel Blog: 

1. Selflessness – The #1 attribute of a great WingMan is remembering, it’s not about you. Don’t be selfish. Don’t try and steal your boy’s shine. You signed up for this. Don’t walk the walk, if you can’t talk to the unattractive friend.
2. Charm – Charm the Hello Kitty panties right off these women. Don’t worry. This can be done, even if you’re not the most attractive person on the short bus. A good sense of humor works 100% 60% of the time. Make them love you.
3. Pessimistic – Plan for the worst. It’s ground zero, baby. If you happen to get the attractive friend, which rarely happens, it will be a gift from TEBOW. Remember, shoot for the stars but aim for the ground.
4. Observant – Be very observant. You must be aware of signs that her friend is getting bored, irritated, or sleepy. If this happens. You have failed. Because of you, she’s going to interrupt and tell her friend that she’s ready to go. That means she’s taking the Tacos and you’re left with the Sausage. If you happen to go to their place, take note of all the exits because that may not be their house.
5. Alcoholic – My personal favorite attribute. You have to be able to drink like your kidneys are on strike (OccupyMyKidneys). Throughout the night, you’re going to meet a bunch of women and you’re going to have to be able hold their attention. Don’t vomit…EVER!
6. Culture – There is a good chance that you’ll encounter a multi-cultural group of nice young ladies. You don’t want the night to end earlier because you offended someone with a joke you thought was funny…but it was racist. Don’t be the racist friend.
7. Conversationalist – When you’re able to hold a good conversation, regardless of the topic, and distract the friend long enough for your boy to capitalize. You my friend just ascended to Prestige Mode. Good Conversation is the key to success.
8. Manipulator – Manipulate her. You must make her feel like she’s Kim even if she looks like Khloe…and she has Khloe’s body *Shivers*. She is the best thing to walk in the club that night. Drink until you believe it.
9. Good Listener – Sometimes you may get lucky and get a friend that needs to talk. She may have boyfriend issues or career aspirations. All you have to do is sit back and listen. Don’t screw that up. Chime in if you have too but let her do the talking.
10. Condom Fairy – If everything goes as planned and you do a good job, you should hear these words from your friend “Ah {insert profanity}, I don’t have any condoms.” That’s when you reach into your pocket and save the day. Mission Accomplished.